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A lot of folks ask… Why Seacret?

Some ask, why network marketing, and then into the whole job vs. freedom talk… but some feel like they know or think all companies are the same.

Their really not. They are all different in the most wonderful ways imaginable.

And as a network marketing community, if we pretend that we are all the same, or that all we offer is just a way to financial freedom, then we are just unknowingly feeding into the social norms that… bah… all network marketing companies are the same dogma.

Wether you believe that all network marketing companies are good, or all are bad, or just a small few are elite companies like the top 20 on the top 100 list, we are still playing into the dogma of… we’re all the same.

Well I’m here to tell you we are not all the same. True, the network marketing industry as a whole is changing for the better, and offering a lot more incentives to folks over the last 10 years then they did 20-30 years ago… but on the new age of an economic shift, just like the agriculture to the industrial age, we’re still moving out of the industrial age into the information age.

20 years ago we started to see computers in 50% of homes. 10 years ago, they became so affordable, that now every home has one somehow either an old machine, tablet computer, or a cellphone.

Times change. And now its the information age.

Seacret is unlike any company I have ever seen. They do not have good skin care, they have great skin care.

There is a difference.

Having a good product is important, but having a product that makes someones eyes open huge and say WOW!!! HOLLY CRAP!!! WOW!!!!

Is something else…

How many products in your life have you tried that actually shocked you to the point of disbelief you did not believe they were that good, but there it is… for me… not many.

I have had friends give me samples of products and share with me different products from different companies, all good, but did not make me say wow. And if I did say something to that effect, I only did out of politeness.

Some folks believe that it does not matter what the product is your selling for your business to work. I don’t believe that, because, in order for a network marketing company to work well, it must be about the product customers buy, not just the business opportunity.

How do you build a lasting business if you don’t have customers?
If all you have is “team building” and “mentoring”, at what point does a sell get made?

If the sells are only made when a new team member joins, then isn’t the point of all that “mentoring” a way of selling more to the same business partners, and having them sell to their business partners, and enrolling new business partners?

At what point does the focus come from “team building” to getting and maintaining a customer?

I never trusted a business where my main focus was not acquiring customers. For the customer is and should be the Lifeblood of the business.

If all you do is recruit and don’t acquire any customers, your team will do the same thing.

When one or two people on the team leave the company, their sponsors will feel it hard, and so will the sponsors above them.

It’s a domino effect. Having customers gives you a healthy business with profits for you and the company.

When you focus on gaining customers, and finding new business partners along the way that also have a passion for the product, then you will build a thriving business for you and your team will duplicate your success.

What I Love About Seacret (many things I love) is that we focus on acquiring customers and building a customer base.

Some of our best Seacret agents came from being a customer and a product of the product.

Every part we have, people always say wow. That’s why they are now wow parties.

Gain customers, build a book of business, then find the people that want to build with you.

We do have a better way in this network marketing industry, but we need to do it the right way.

To learn more about the Seacret Opportunity, visit: http://www.DreamingOfMud.com


One person that inspires me in Life is my dear friend Ori Bengal

He made a decision to start drawing. And made a decision to draw something every single day for an entire year.

And he kept that promise to himself since April 2012.

I don’t know many folks who keep their promises to themselves, especially not missing a single day for the entire year.

What do you think happen from him doing that simple task and accomplishing his goal of just doing it? Consistently for a year.

He became a damn good artist! Thats what happens when you do the simple things over and over again, you become good at it!!!

Not only did Ori become really good at drawing, his new skill developed into painting and sculpting. He now has artwork displayed in galleries, and some of his pieces of art sell for over a $1,000 a piece.

This Saturday will be Ori’s 1,000th Day in a ROW Creating Art!

He is creating an electronic art book for our enjoyment which we can purchase for .99 rather then $10-20 on Amazon on Saturday only.

Check out his inspirational story of having a 1000 days of discipline and pick up his book on Saturday to get your hands on some amazing artwork!

From Stick Figures To Picasso


Seacret University Seattle 2-18-13

This Seacret U was off the hook! Make sure you make every SU to be successful!
Right click to download these audios.

The Seacret Plan To Success! By: Ricky Nguyen

Presentation Skills! By: Tim Togikawa

Thought I’d throw this on here as well since it’s so darn good!


Seacret University Seattle 2-25-13

This Seacret U was off the hook! Make sure you make every SU to be successful!
Right click to download these audios.

Personal Development By: KC Call

The Seacret Plan To Success! By: Tim Togikawa

Thought I’d throw this on here as well since it’s so darn good!


I’m proud to be a US Citizen

A lot of folks are worried about Government, the economy, situations around the world, and our very own freedoms as US Citizens.

I’m not worried.

We have the best constitution in the world, and it still prevails no matter what scary story you see on TV.

People are seeing the truth every day, and America is founded on truth.

Freedom of speech and freedom of opinions in this Nation serves as a way for us to hash out all ideas so that the best ones can surface for the citizens to see clear as day.

We will always turn to our founding fathers principals to safeguard our Freedoms.

And no one person or group will ever have the dominion over the other. Our government serves us, not the other way around.

Which is why I thank veterans and service man and woman for their service.

Our soldiers do not serve the Government, they serve their Country. They serve Us.

Same goes for the Police force and Fire Fighters. They do not serve their Government, they serve their town, county, district, the people who live in their area of service.

I get tired of hearing the words “Big Government” as though that’s something to fear. We are the Government, and the Government is Us.

So when the “Government” protects you, you are really protecting yourself… you paid for the services through your tax dollar.

But! The Government can not protect you in every situation. And so you must be a responsible citizen and take measures to protect yourself and your family from harm.

i.e. physical harm by locking your door, owning a gun, ext.

And protection of health, through healthy living, healthy eating, exercise, good emotional health.

And financial protection: having your own health insurance, life insurance to protect your family from your lost of income, savings in the bank to protect your family in case your laid off.

There are so many ways you have to protect yourself without the assistance of government. But the more we ask “Government” for help, the more we are asking for help from ourselves, but thinking the help won’t be provided by our ourselves.

This is backwards thinking.

“If you help a caterpillar escape from its cacoon, the butterfly will never fly. The butterfly needs the struggle to squeeze out all moisture from the wings before it can take flight.”

Our struggles make us strong.

I’m proud to be a US Citizen.